Working Method

Interior Design

Designing and creating luxury spaces


1. Introductory interview

With a property visit, the situation as well as the plans of the home are viewed. Your wishes are discussed and objectives such as budget, style and practical matters are determined.

2. The design

After consultation and approval of the client, a 3D design is worked out. This can consist of the following elements, depending on what has been agreed:
– 2D plan
– 3D design
– Moodboard
– Material and color study
– Light study –
– Furniture plans (customization)
– Proposal furniture and decoration
– Proposal materials based on samples and documentation

3. Price estimation of the establishment

A quote is made for furniture, customization, lighting, carpets, wallpaper, curtains and decoration.

4. Installation of the furniture and decoration

After approval and payment, all goods for the device (furniture, lighting fixtures and decoration) are placed in order and, if possible, delivered around the same date. Customization often has a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks, which means that planning is done well in advance.


Collaborate online

You can have your project designed remotely or ask for advice.
1. Provide a plan with dimensions and clear photos of your project.
2. Describe your objective.
3. Feedback is send.
4. A customized design is elaborated and forwarded to you.
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Working method for renovation works needed to fullfill you interior design


Advice for upgrading spaces by simple methods