More than a house



Advice to upgrade rooms. You get advice and help on how to set up spaces or refresh general themes on a budget in order to optimize a sale.


3D Immo-styling

A 3D design reinforces the sales file and speeds up sales.
A modern interior design, possible renovation or expansion possibilities of the home stimulate the imagination of a potential buyer, so that they are convinced more quickly.

This is especially recommended for outdated interiors that need refreshment or modernization.


Working method for making a 3D-design

1. Introductory interview 

With a property visit, the situation as well as the plans of the home are viewed. The possibilities are discussed.

2. The design

After approval of the client, a 3D design is worked out.
This can consist of the following elements, depending on what has been agreed:
– 2D plan 
– 3D design