Immo Working Method

We act as intermediary between the buyer and seller at every stage.



1. Property visit by your real estate partner

When the seller has contacted us, we will first visit the property and collect the necessary information about the property and the area. We give a price estimate based on our market knowledge. We give the seller our opinion about the property that could possibly optimize the sale.

2. Technical obligations

To realize the sale, a technical report must be submitted, DPE (EPC).

3. Sales mandate and commission

The seller has the choice between a simple or exclusive mandate. This contract must be signed by all sellers. The seller must state the rate of the real estate agent on this. This depends on the selling price, 4% to 8%, and is agreed upon when the mandate is signed. This commission can be paid when the deed is signed at the office of the notary.

4. Promotion

After completing the sales mandate, the information gathered about the property is merged into our files. This property information is placed on our website together with photos. We are in contact with potential buyers who are actively looking for real estate, they will be the first to be informed about the sale of your property.

5. Property visit by potential buyers

We ask the potential buyer to sign a confirmation of the visit. If the buyer has visited the property with our agency, the buyers are not allowed to trade directly with the seller. If interested, the potential buyer will make a written offer. This is a provisional contract that is only binding on the seller if he accepts it. No money can be requested in this “offer phase”.

6. Provisional agreement

A provisional purchase agreement is signed by both parties. The buyer pays a deposit of 10% of the selling price on a blocked account of the notary. (The buyer retains the right of withdrawal to cancel the purchase within seven days) The purchase process is completed at least three months later at the office of the notary. This period is used for planning purposes (planning certificates, land register extract, etc.). In the meantime, the buyer is arranging his loan.

7. Signing deed

The deed of sale is signed by both parties at the notary. The buyer has previously transferred the full amount of which proof is provided. If everything is met according to the rules of art, the key is handed over. Congratulations on your purchase, we wish you many unforgettable moments in your new home

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